Hotel De La Coupole - Luxury hotel - 'Bagged With Love' - A campaign for children

'Bagged With Love' - A campaign for children

There is a certain magic and delightful wonder in children. Pablo Picasso once said: "It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to draw like a child". A child's genuine, carefree approach to painting is rarely found in the adult art world and yet is essential to artistic creation. Compared to sophistication in skill, this innocence without pretence is even more precious, especially when it is demonstrated by artists living with autism. With the hope of giving back to the community and showing our love for children, especially the ones in need, Hotel de la Coupole, in partnership with Tòhe, a social corporate supporting disadvantaged children, has launched the 'Bagged With Love' campaign.



Starting from the phrase 'Packed with love' and our key campaign activity, we have played on words and set the name 'Bagged with love' for our project, in which customised 'Tò-te' tote bags and 'Tí-te' pencil cases will be sold to support children in need. The items' uniqueness lies in the imprinted patterns, which were a landscape sketch of Hotel de la Coupole by young autistic artists. The drawing may be imperfect, yet full of creativity, optimism and playfulness.

'Tò-te' Bag

'Tí-te' Case


With every item sold, 5% of the revenue will be returned to the young artists as royalties. Through the campaign, we hope to help more and more underprivileged children to live a beautiful, "bagged with love" life ahead.



If you have a chance to visit Hotel de la Coupole - Sapa's 'Versailles in the Cloud', please stop by our Storefront to discover and get lost in the wonderful and innocent world of children, or contact our Receptionist to support our 'Bagged With Love' campaign.


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