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Nuages Spa

Nuages Spa is located on the 7th floor and offers guests a range of treatments and services that blend the finest products and techniques with Traditional Red Dao wisdom. The spa is decorated in creams and blacks, with a nod to the refined glamour of 1920s and ‘30s French haute couture to create a unique and tranquil environment. Guests can choose from a selection of personalised massages, body scrubs, body wraps and facial treatments, all of which sooth and restore both body and soul.

Operating hours: 12pm – 9pm (Last booking at 8pm)

*Price is inclusive of 5% service and 10% taxes


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Nuages Spa personalised massage | 60 mins | VND 1,250,000

Revive your body, mind and spirit. The aroma of Malabar Grass melts tension away while Sweet Orange and Vitier help to create inner peace. Oils of Rice Bran, Sweet Almond, Soy and Wheat Germ help to soothe and nourish the skin.

– Muscle knot relief | Add 15 mins | VND 380
Alleviate muscles and joint pains through a specially designed therapy to isolate pressure and release muscle knots or trigger point.

– Belly massage| Add 15 mins | VND 380
Known as the second brain, your belly is an important body function for your wellbeing. Gentle belly massage will help to add extra relaxation to the whole treatment.

– Wild Vietnamese balm-herb compress | Add 15 mins | VND 580
Steamed therapeutic herb to help detox your body while releasing muscular tension.

– Loving hands | Add 15 mins | VND 380
A lovely gentle massage dedicated to soften your hands and reduce stress on your arms and shoulder.

– Foot treat | Add 15 mins | VND 480
Revive tired and fatigued foot muscles with the foot treatment using therapeutic points for fast relief.

Voyage a Sapa | 60 mins | VND 1,150,000

Relieve stiffness and soreness on your back, shoulder, neck and head. The calming nature of Rainforest Clove bard – a tree found on only two islands in the Pacific Ocean, combined with deep gentle kneading, breaking down knots and improving muscles flexibility. Oils of Tangerine, Pink Grapefruit and Rosemary further help for detoxification and relaxation while Ginger reduce tensions in your leg muscles.

Soothing steps | 60 mins | VND 1,450,000

This treatment helps to soothe legs pains. Half leg soaked in hot and cold water to help stimulate blood circulation and gently massage the reflexology points.

Pierre chaude | 90 mins | VND 1,800,000

This full body and face massage uses hot stones to instill a deep level of calm while relaxing light muscles, removing blockages and dissolving stress.

Jasmine rice scrub | 60 mins | VND 1,150,000

Reveal your smoothest and softest skin with this body scrub using ingredients known to purify and refine the skin. Jasmine Rice helps to remove dullness and brighten up skin tone.

Pink salt scrub | 60 mins | VND 1,150,000

Millions of years ago, pristine seawater was crystallised and covered by lava, protecting it from the modern-day pollution. Infused with 80 minerals, Pink Salt delivers its pure nutrients while gently smoothing your skin. Complete your treatment with Aloe Vera cream that will nourish and bring back baby soft skin.

Skin reveal wrap | 60 mins | VND 1,250,000

An exceptional multifaceted body wrap using the powerful black mulberry extracts combined with Indigo and essential oils, to help detox, firm and rejuvenate your body skin. Combining with body scrub and massage to bring back a radiant, healthy and toned body.

Herbal bath | 30 mins | VND 700,000

The time-honored Vietnamese tradition of bathing in Red Dao healing herbs – the Fansipan’s purest botanicals gently ease muscle tension, bringing you a new world of relaxation.

FACIAL TREATMENT - Beauté Originel Haute Couture | 60 mins | VND 1,950,000

Individualised facial treatment incorporating tailor – made massage techniques to the unique needs of your skin. A pure infusion of exclusively selected products and holistic secrets working in synergy giving your skin the energy it needs to be glowing, lumious and healthy again.


– Flawless eye contour | 10 mins | VND 350,000
To erase signs of fatigue

– Eye & décolleté poultice | 10 mins | VND 750,000
To stimulate blood circulation

– Mini smooth & firm décolleté | 10 mins | VND 450,000
To improve firmness & texture

Face jade massage | 30 mins | VND 750,000

Considered as more precious than gold, jade stone is enriched with phenomenal renewing qualities and life-generating energies to bring back the vibrancy to your skin. Sacred Lotus and Marine extracts empower skins anti-aging and increase inner moisture. Deep sculpting Guasha massage technique helps to stimulate blood circulation and nourishing the tissues, plumping up the skin, and smoothing wrinkles away.

Sun ray healer | 30 mins | VND 850,000

Benefits from the mineral rich Goji Berry, soothing Marigold and deep healing Green Tea, the uniquely designed treatment to regain moisture and give you a rejuvenating experience.

All prices are quoted in thousand VND, inclusive of 5% service charge and taxes


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