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Nuages Spa is located on the 7th floor and offers guests a range of treatments and services that blend the finest products and techniques with Traditional Red Dao wisdom. The spa is decorated in creams and blacks, with a nod to the refined glamour of 1920s and ‘30s French haute couture to create a unique and tranquil environment. Guests can choose from a selection of personalised massages, body scrubs, body wraps and facial treatments, all of which sooth and restore both body and soul.

Operating hours: 10AM – 9PM (Last booking at 8:30PM)

*Price is inclusive of 5% service and 10% taxes


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Nuages Spa personalised massage | 60 mins | VND 1,250,000

Revives your body, mind and spirit. A euphoric and soothing body massage combining a rocking motion and uplifting experience that will shape up and tone your silhouette.

Energising back therapy | 30 mins | VND 700,000

Helps to relieve stiffness and soreness from the back, shoulder, neck and head. Soothe away your stress and loose up your joints.

Voyage a Sapa | 90 mins | VND 1,650,000

A combination of the best Asian and European massage therapies. A unique blend with deep gentle kneading, breaking down knots and improving muscles flexibility. Relieve stiffness and soreness on your back, shoulder, neck and head.

Pierre Chaude | 90 mins | VND 1,800,000

This full body and face massage uses hot stones to instill a deep level of calm while relaxing light muscles, removing blockages and dissolving stress.

Soothing steps | 60 mins | VND 1,450,000

Helps stimulate blood circulation, soothe leg pain and revive yourself. After a long day of exploring Sapa, revitalize your legs with a gentle foot scrub and soaked in hot herbal foot bath ritual followed by a relaxing foot reflexology treatment.

Jasmine rice scrub | 60 mins | VND 1,150,000

Reveal the body’s hidden glow with ingredients known to purify and refine the skin. Jasmine rice removes dullness and brightens the skin. Jojoba oil and Shea butter provide deep nourishment.

Pink salt scrub | 60 mins | VND 1,150,000

Millions year ago, pristine seawater was crystallized and covered by lava, protecting it from modern-day pollution. Infused with 80 minerals, Pink Salt delivers its pure nutrients while gently smoothing your skin. Refreshing Aloe Vera cream further nourishes.

Skin reveal wrap | 60 mins | VND 1,250,000

An exceptional multifaceted body wrap using the powerful black mulberry extracts combined with Indigo and essential oils, to help detox, firm and rejuvenate your body skin.
Combining with body scrub and massage to bring back a radiant, healthy and toned body.

Full body scrub and body wrap treatment | 90 mins | VND 1,650,000

A combination of our selection of exfoliating body treatments, each of which features its own unique texture and scent and a regenerating body wrap to nourish and restore a smooth and radiant skin. The treatment is completed with the application of a hydrating lotion to lock in moisture and leave your skin velvety soft and protected.

Herbal bath | 30 mins | VND 700,000

Age-old Red Dao healing herbal bath to float away tensions and nourish with Fansipan’s purest botanicals.

Beauté Originelle Haute Couture | 60 mins | VND 1,950,000

A skin analysis prior to your treatment for a tailor-made French massage techniques, unequaled Sothys product selection and holistic secrets work in synergy to awaken the skin’s optimum potential. Your skin is glowing, luminous and healthy.

Face jade massage | 30 mins | VND 750,000

A quick purifying facial massage using the best French techniques with jade stone and rejuvenating products from Sothys for perfect skin. The massage brings beauty, balance and vibrancy to your face.

Sun ray healer | 30 mins | VND 850,000

Feel relaxed and refreshed as mineral rich goji berry, soothing marigold, deep healing green tea from Sothys’ advance beauty products are infused into your skin to regain moisture and elasticity after exposure to the sun.

Flawless eye contour | 10 mins | VND 450,000

Boosts eye cell metabolism, smooths out wrinkles around the eyes, reduces puffiness, and soothes the skin


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