Hotel De La Coupole - Luxury hotel - Hotel de la Coupole donates water buffaloes for disadvantaged households in Lao Cai

Hotel de la Coupole donates water buffaloes for disadvantaged households in Lao Cai

On June 17, 2022, Hotel de la Coupole’s representatives paid a visit and donated female buffaloes to the two underprivileged families in Lao Cai. The donation was part of the social corporate responsibility activities that the hotel has been implementing with the aim of contributing to the development of the society. The buffaloes are not only the most essential farming tools, but they can also breed and bring families a long-term financial source.

Mr. Joseph Colina, Hotel de la Coupole’s General Manager said: “The buffalo is the traditional symbol of Viet Nam, representing happiness and prosperity. Buffaloes also play an essential role in Vietnamese agriculture, being a farmer’s most valued possession and often treated like a member of the family. With that in mind, we hope that this present can help improve the life of the two underprivileged households. This has set ground for Hotel de la Coupole’s upcoming series of CSR activities, and we will continue giving back to those in our local community in the future.”

The water buffalo donation plays a crucial part as laying the foundations for the upcoming social corporate responsibility activities of the hotel. Hotel de la Coupole hopes that simple as it is, this act of kindness can be spread out and benefit the local community.

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  • hotel-de-la-coupole-donates-water-buffaloes-for-disadvantaged-households-in-lao-cai
  • hotel-de-la-coupole-donates-water-buffaloes-for-disadvantaged-households-in-lao-cai

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