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Art de Cuisine - Festive gastronomic journey

The festive season is a meaningful occasion for gathering, creating memories, and sharing love. At Hotel de la Coupole, guests will be enticed by our exceptional culinary feasts specially prepared for the memorable Christmas and New Year. 


From A Merry Christmas Feast…

Taking place at Chic, our French restaurant with authentic fine-dining experiences, Christmas dinner at Hotel de la Coupole will fulfill you with a set menu representing the marriage of exquisite French cuisine and quintessential local delicacies. Starting with a touch of luxury by Foie Gras royal, the hearty Christmas dinner will refresh your palate with cranberry almond & spinach salad. Boosting local savor with Sapa’s signature nut, chestnut veloute is a smooth and creamy soup with truffle oil for added opulence. While turkey is a conventional ingredient for Christmas meals, our Executive Chef will renovate this tradition with new recipes, roasted brined turkey breast and sous-vide turkey leg roulade. Nothing can be a better finishing note to embody the Christmas spirit than a black forest log cake for a cozy winter night. Elegant services and captivating settings create an unprecedented style both in splendor and exclusivity, as diners will be treated to Chic outstanding cuisine. 

  • Christmas dinner set menu: at Chic, 24th Dec 2020
  • Price: VND 1,800,000++/pax
  • Free flow of house wines, selected spirits and beers: VND 350,000++/pax


…To A Fun-filled New Year’s Eve Countdown Party on the rooftop

Celebrating year-end milestones, closing 2020 full of joy and memories while ushering in 2021 at Hotel de la Coupole, the Sapa’s finest venue. Our exquisite festive buffet offers a sumptuous array of premium seafood, hot gourmet dishes and desserts. From imported lobsters, Alaskan king crabs, caviars to foie gras, sashimi and cold cuts, this fantastic feast of gastronomy will indulge your senses and elevate your dining experience with excellent taste and quality. Our New Year Countdown event will bring jubilant moments to your celebration with exhilarating performances on splendid Absinthe Bar.

  • New Year’s Eve dinner buffet: at Chic, 31st Dec 2020
  • Price: VND 2,500,000++/pax
  • Free flow of house wines, selected spirits and beers: VND 350,000++/pax


  • Countdown party: at Absinthe, 31st Dec 2020
  • Price: VND 500,000++/pax, including free flow of canapé, house wines, beers and local wines


Other premium festive buffets:

  • Christmas Day dinner buffet: at Chic, 25th Dec 2020
  • Price: VND 1,200,000++/pax
  • Free flow of house wines, selected spirits and beers: VND 350,000++/pax


  • Boxing Day dinner buffet: at Chic, 26th Dec 2020
  • Price: VND 900,000++/pax
  • Free flow of house wines, selected spirits and beers: VND 350,000++/pax


and a lavish party of good cheer to embrace the arrival of 2021

It is the fabulous time of the year to pop a champagne and raise a toast at Chic to welcome the new year with hope and excitement. Our New Year’s Day dinner will please you with distinctive recipes and premier delicacies. From Caviar “De Duc” and sea urchin spiced up by champagne, your gastronomic journey will be ignited with a touch of sophistication of Perfect Egg 64.5 degrees. The main course will luxuriate your experience with scallop tortellini and Mulwarra beef Rossini – a pinnacle in the fine-dining world. A signature festive sweet treat, apple tart with vanilla ice-cream will definitely indulge you with unforgettable taste. 

  • New Year’s Day dinner set menu: at Chic, 1st Jan 2021
  • Price: VND 1,750,000++/pax
  • Free flow of house wines, selected spirits and beers: VND 350,000++/pax


Highlight dishes in the festive menus

Foie gras is always considered one of the quintessences of French cuisine with a rich flavor and smooth texture. If sautéed foie gras becomes familiar, our Executive Chef will renovate this premium ingredient with a creative recipe, Foie Gras Royal. Foie gras is served with lavender brioche, apple mousse and raspberry sauce, creating the perfect balance for this premium appetizer.

Perfect Egg appears as a touch of perfection on the exquisite New Year menu at Hotel de la Coupole with a unique savor that will definitely amaze your senses, from sight to taste. Collected eggs are cooked to perfection with a creamy consistency like custard by a special method at 64°C in 45 minutes, combined with premium Iberico ham and chestnut velouté. This is a culinary creation you cannot ignore when enjoying this festive season in Sapa.

Nothing encompasses the joyful spirit and stories of Christmas more than Mulled Wine. Mulled wine offers a taste of balance, depth, a pronounced citrus note and a touch of spice with anise, cinnamon, licorice, making this festive drink the ideal choice for a cozy Christmas dinner with family and loved ones.

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